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Bio Oil Stretch Marks Cream Review

What you should know about this product

There are many ingredients in Bio Oil that can help improve the health and appearance in skin. There is no doubt about this. The main ingredient in Bio Oil that makes it unique, however, is PurCellin Oil. PurCellin Oil keeps the ingredients of Bio Oil mixed together to help absorb it into the skin. It aids in keeping the skin from drying and is a non-greasy solution. PurCellin Oil is supposed to help the ingredients of Bio Oil absorb better. However, do not think that PurCellin Oil is meant to be a wonder ingredient in any way. It will not boost the effectiveness of what are a number of common, mundane skincare ingredients.


  • Is non greasy
  • Can be purchased in retail stores
  • Is not expensive
  • An excellent moisturizer


  • Very few clinical trials conducted
  • The product overpromises
  • Redness and irritation of the skin may occur
  • Does not remove old stretch marks
  • Lacking proven ingredients found in other creams

Cost: $199.99
Size: 4.2 oz


This product is cheap and really good for the skin, but the effectiveness has been disputed and even disproved. It is a good product for preventative purposes, but it is not recommended for people who want to reduce or erase the appearance of their stretch marks effectively.

It has been reported that a number of test subject that used this topical solution have suffered instances of skin irritation and redness. The manufactures, however, claim that this is a rare occurrence. Regardless, if you have sensitive skin, you might want to try another product.

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